Surprise Tours

You fantasy a dream wedding, anniversary, special birthday or memorable parties, we have some magnificent ideas for you, just give them the dates and will take care of the rest. We think of the present for your invitees, each day we will give clues to guess which city they are going to and which party they will be having.



Are you a decorator or looking for special items to decorate your house?Morocco is what you’re looking for.

The markets are filled with large choice of hand crafted wares from the simple to the most unusual.



Hammams! Pure pleasure.

From black soap to dip in Ghassoul , taking a bath in Morocco is the most ritual Weekly habit. Your first step into the hammam you smell different fragrances from orange blossom to rose water. Feel relaxed with a massage with Argan oil that you can’t find anywhere in the world.



Public gardens and parks, rose beds all the way through Morocco, palm trees, bougainvilleas embellishing the streets. Observe or experience olive oil pressing and native Argana.



Savour the fresh produce in the souks, learn to cook the famous Moroccan dishes from tagines, couscous, Pastillas in workshops or cookery schools.



Anything goes in your mind, express your interests and ideas, golf, camel riding, surfing, history, music festivals, quads, ballooning, camping in the desert, cooking, bird watching, sailing…This ideas can make the first step to get your customised itinerary.